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Signet’s Own Security Wrap

Signet’s Own security wrap is a high quality blown hand stretch film primarily utilised for transporting high value goods due to its ability to hide the contents of the goods which the wrap is covering. For this reason, security wrap is commonly utilised when transferring electronic and audio visual equipment. Signets security wrap maintains all of the benefits of the clear Signet’s Blown hand stretch film, and is available in black and white colours in 20um and 25um film strengths. By catering across these um strengths, Signet’s security wrap will be able to stabilise pallet loads of all sizes, weights and frames.

To apply this product to a pallet, users can either wrap the pallet by hand through pallet end rollers or to create an easier process, a hand pallet wrapper can be implemented which will not only create an easier experience, but will reduce back strain as the operator will have reduced bending and twist.