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You need the right equipment for the right job. Having sturdy, durable tape and machines are essential to making sure your wares are safe and firmly secure inside their packaging. At Signet, you can get all your packaging needs to make sure your items are protected and arrive at the other end intact.

Signet supply a range of tapes including 3M tape, tesa Machine Tape, as well as a variety of tapes under the company’s own brand, Signet’s Own. Signet’s tape range is available in brown and clear colours and is stocked in a variety of sizes including 24mm, 36mm and 48mm tape in 28-30 micron ratings.

For users who are shipping their products further away, heavy duty tape is available with a 50 micron tape rating creating a thicker tape which will assist in stabilising loads. Different tape solutions are also available to optimise tape longevity and tack in dry, cool or warm environments.

Whatever your needs, whether it be tape, machines, cartons, film or another packaging necessity, Signet can help. At Signet, we strive to be the best, with fast delivery at the best possible price, offering 10% off if you can find the same high quality products for a lower price elsewhere. And, if you order a shipment before 2pm, we will dispatch your order on the same day, so you can get your products sooner.

For all your needsyour needs, come to Signet. Don’t let your wares break or get lost due to poor packaging processes and products, buy from Signet and get high quality items at affordable prices. As a leader in the manufacturing and distributing, we at Signet offer our customers superior quality products and industry experience like no one else.

So, check out the online catalogue today!