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Australia On The Move

There is no experience as exciting, or as stressful, as moving to a new home. You need to plan updating addresses and transferring bills, have boxes and boxes of stuff to pack up and move, need to organise help to transport said items and much more. But moving from one place to another doesn’t have to be this stressful. With a little help from Signet, you can concentrate on the excitement of moving and not the stress.

Signet is a national packaging distributor with more than 40 years experience. Their packaging products are ideal for moving house. With products like cartons, packaging tape, bubble wrap and void fill, you can get everything you need in one place. Signet also offers special House Moving Packs with all the items you need in one handy package.

If you are like the 4 million other Australians moving house this year, you not only need the right products, but also the right advice. The infographic below, Australia on the Move, goes into detail about what kind of people are moving home, why they move and where they’re headed. It also offers a week by week checklist for what to do before the big day.

For more advice, or to order some packaging products, call one of our offices or take a look at one of our Product Catalogues.