Your Ticket to Understanding the Language of Packaging

If you’ve ever felt like you need a dictionary or a personal assistant to translate packaging industry jargon, then this blog is for you! We’ve gone on the hunt to find common industry terms on our own website ( as well as the wide world of packaging to bring you your very own quick-reference guide:

This is a packaging technique used to secure the product/s inside the shipping carton to prevent damage and provide protection to your goods.

Blown Film
Blown film is a type of pallet wrap that is designed to be tear & puncture resistant as well as stretchable in both directions. It is also hi-tack which makes it an ideal solution for heavy or irregular loads and pallets with sharp corners.

This technique is utilised to fasten goods tightly through binding, tying or wrapping securely to prevent damage and provide protection to your goods.

Cast Film
Cast film is a pallet wrap which is silent to apply (eliminating that loud unwrapping noise) and is high clarity meaning it is great for scanning barcodes or for display uses.

One or more items that have been sent to a freight carrier for shipment.

Custom Packaging
Specially designed packaging consumables designed to meet your branding, storing and transporting requirements. This can include custom branders, cartons, doculopes, hard hats, labels, signs, sigtags, stencils, tags, tape & timber wrap. (For more information call Signet on 137 446).

Dangerous Goods
This is a classification used on any goods that have dangerous characteristics that could cause harm to people, property, the environment and animals if not handled correctly during transport or storage. Typically this would include explosives, gasses, flammable liquids and solids, toxic or infectious substances, radioactive materials and corrosives to name a few.

Small porous granules which absorb moisture/liquids to protect your goods from moisture damage in storage and transit.

Loose Fill
This is generally a cost effective option of void fill – most common forms of loose fill include packing peanuts (MicPak) or shredded paper.

Micron (or UM)
This term is used to define the thickness of a packaging product (i.e. tape or pallet wrap). It equals one millionth of a meter.

Minimum order quantity.

This is the process of securing multiple individual items to a pallet to optimise transport or storage – it’s much easier to move with a forklift, truck or crane in one action rather than moving the items individually.

Unit of measure.

Void Fill
Void fill is a packaging technique used to pad, wrap, block, brace or protect goods during packing, storage or transport. For more information view our blog article “put on some extra padding this holiday season”.

So there you have it – a short list of industry terms which will hopefully make your purchasing and packaging much simpler. If there are terms we have missed or to get further information head to or email our team at

Authors – Steph Hewish & Damien Sharma

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