You Can Be Sydney’s Stretch Film Guru

Sydney’s packaging scene can sometimes be full of industry terminology – especially when it comes to pallet wrap/stretch film and the many different types. We’ve put together a quick guide to help you on your way to being a packaging guru and knowing which film is best for you.

Blown film

Is made through the process of feeding beads of resin through a heated machine which has a circular die. This heated resin is “blown” vertically into a bubble which is air cooled and made into rolls of film. Blown film is typically one of the strongest films as it is puncture resistant and can be stretched in both directions. It is also hi-tack (the stickiness on the inside to hold goods together). Signet manufactures this in Australia so it is always available in Sydney!

Blown film is also available in “security film” (opaque white and black) as well as “coloured wrap” (available in blue, green & red) which is great for colour-coding stock or pallets.

Cast film

Is also made from beads of resin; however these are fed into a heated barrel which is then pushed through a narrow slotted die.  The film is then solidified after being fed along a cooled rolling path, and is then made into rolls of film. Cast film has high visual clarity which means it is excellent if barcodes need to be scanned through the film and is specially designed to be silent when unwrapped off the roll (no loud releasing noise). This film is also available from Signet in Australia so can always be found in Sydney.

These are the two main types of wrap you might come across, but there are a few more we want to introduce you to:

Ultimate film

Is specially designed by Signet – it uses state-of-the-art resin technology which offers superior performance and reliability to other types of film. This film is a cost-effective alternative to blown and cast films as it uses up to 20% less film per pallet while being less tiring to apply as it weighs less than conventional film.

Pre-Stretch film

Is the OH&S option in the pallet wrap world. As it is pre-stretched it is half the weight of conventional films; preventing strain during application. Being pre-stretched also means that less film is needed to wrap pallets.

Degradable film

Is 100% degradable and ultimately biodegradable. This film is made with special technology that ensures the performance and visual characteristics are undistinguishable from standard films.

Air Flow film

Is pallet wrap with large reinforced holds to allow air flow and ventilation for wrapped goods and pallets. This is ideal for fresh produce like flowers, fruit and vegetables.

UV Machine film

Is pallet wrap that has been UV stabilised to ensure long life and is very strong so is ideal for wrapping heavier items like bricks and tiles.

Having numerous choices of film may seem overwhelming at first, but have a quick re-read of this because you’ll be able to see that there is a pallet wrap/stretch film for every purpose! If you’ve still got questions feel free to contact or 13 SIGNET (13 7446).

Authors – Steph Hewish & Damien Sharma

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