The Trifecta of Unique & Efficient Packaging

Have you searched for what seems like ages to find a carton that fits your uniquely shaped item? Or have you been in that situation where you’re urgently looking for something that has been packed into a box – an unlabeled non-descriptive box that seems impossible to locate amongst numerous boxes of different sizes that all look identical! Three simple words can go a long way towards making your packaging, storage and shipping more efficient and stress-free: Signet Custom Solutions.

Within a wide range of custom capabilities Signet specialises in custom tape, labels and cartons. Placing an order or getting a quote is a simple and accurate process, with no custom job starting production before your final approval.

Custom Cartons

Customising your shipping cartons can be beneficial for a few reasons – you can request your own sizing (which is especially handy to fit those awkward shaped items!), you can select the style of shipping carton if the standard shape is not what you need, and you’ve got the opportunity to brand your cartons with custom printing plates made specifically for you!

Custom Labels

There are 2 key types of labels that are customisable – plain labels and despatch labels. Despatch labels can help your freight process while offering space for your company branding at the bottom. Plain labels are completely customisable for your needs – available in a range of sizes and colours; you can get labels for storage, shipping, instructional or branding.

Fluoro labels are printed in black ink, though white labels can be printed in black, blue, green or red and company logos or graphics can be printed for a once-off artwork charge.

Custom Tape

Custom printed tape reaps all the benefits of packaging tape in addition to featuring your company name, logo or artwork – making it a great tool for promotions and advertising! There are 2 types of tape available for customisation – PVC or polypropylene. These tapes are available in white, red, yellow, orange, brown or clear tape with either 1 or 2 colour printing.

Signet also offers custom branders, doculopes, hard hats, signs, sigtags, stencils & timber wrap. For more information on making your life a little easier, head to or email

Authors – Steph Hewish & Damien Sharma

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