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The Signet’s Own range of products were created to provide customers with a high level of quality at a value price. Signet has sourced quality products and suppliers to ensure that the Signet’s Own range lives up to the expectation of customers. This range includes Signet’s better-known products, such as packaging tape, pallet wraps and strapping, to some of the newer products, including toilet paper and gloves.

Stretch Film
Signet’s ultimate hand film is a high-performance pallet wrap that uses state-of-the-art technology to deliver the same performance as high gauge films but at a significantly lower price. This hand wrap is easy to stretch and assists its users use up to 20% less wrap per pallet. The ultimate lite hand film provides greater savings with a thinner wrap that maintains its strength. The lite film is more suitable for light to medium weight products.

Some other Signet’s Own pallet wraps include:
• Cast wrap
• Blown wrap
• Security wrap, available in white and black
• Coloured wrap, available in blue, green and red
• Airflow wrap
• Bundling film

Signet provides a range of different brands of packaging tape for its customers. Included in this range is Signet’s Own hot melt tape which is a high quality hot melt synthetic rubber packaging tape. It is designed to provide excellent strength and have high initial tack.

As Signet supplies the packaging tape it is available at a much lower cost while still maintaining its great quality.

Other tapes included in Signet’s Own range include:
• Heavy duty packaging tape
• Acrylic packaging tape
• Warning tape in white or fluoro orange
• Filament tape
• Masking tape
• Duct tape

Signet’s Own doculopes provide efficient, precise application with self-adhesive easy peel backing. These doculopes ensure that invoices and packaging slips aren’t lost in transit and arrive safely to their destination.

As these doculopes are supplied by Signet they are available in large quantities of 250-1000 doculopes per box at a very economical price.

Signet’s Own doculopes are available in a variety of sizes and colours with the choice to have a plain window or printed window. Messages available include either “Packaging Slip/Invoice Enclosed” or “Invoice Enclosed” being clearly printed on it. If you have specific text requirements, Signet is also able to custom print to your text on black or yellow.

These are just a few of the products included in the Signet’s Own range. To see the full range of Signet’s Own items, visit

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