Spring Cleaning with Signet

September is here which means its time for your annual home or work place spring clean! It’s important to clean and maintain areas like your office, grounds and warehouse to avoid unnecessary injuries and illness, or to stock up, reduce wear and tear and replace any broken or worn out items. Doing this can help improve health and productivity at work as well as improving customer satisfaction with your company.  Find out more about this below on The Cost of Clean infographic.

To get you started on your spring clean, Signet has put together a list of top tips:

  1. Create a kitchen cleaning roster for internal staff to follow during business hours – this will encourage everyone to participate in kitchen hygiene.Make sure you’re stocked up for kitchen cleaning supplies: http://www.signet.net.au/store/categories/cleaning-and-janitorial/kitchen-cleaners
  2. Set a time during the month where staff clean and organise their work stations. This will also help you operate lean, dispose of any un-needed items and increase efficiencies
  3. Clean high traffic surfaces regularly: computer mice & keyboards, phones, kitchen & bathroom sinks, taps and handles, microwave door handles, fridge door handles, water fountains, elevator buttons & vending machine buttons
  4. Keep toilet paper, paper towels, hand cleaners and rubbish bags easily accessible for internal staff – this will make it easier and more likely for the staff to re-fill and maintain the bathrooms. Stock up here:  http://www.signet.net.au/store/categories/cleaning-and-janitorial
  5. Remove unpleasant odors from the bathroom, office or warehouse with Glen 20 or an automatic wall-mounted air freshener. Have a look at the 3 scents available: http://www.signet.net.au/store/categories/bathroom-cleaners/air-freshener
  6. Encourage clean and hygienic hands around the workplace by having hand sanitiser dispensers in high traffic areas. This will help minimise the spread of germs and illness around the office.
  7. Make sure your PPE and safety equipment is in top condition and replace anything that is damaged. Visit here for the full range:  http://www.signet.net.au/store/categories/ppe-and-protective-wear
  8. Check your first aid equipment – is everything still within date? Have you run out of any essentials? Top up here – http://www.signet.net.au/store/categories/medical-products-and-first-aid
  9. Minimise clutter around the workplace and keep all areas organised with labels, signs, trays and cupboards
  10. Refresh your premises by re-marking lines around your car park, warehouse and general site. For linemarking paint, a trolley or accessories visit http://www.signet.net.au/store/categories/linemarking

For more information on spring cleaning or to view the full range of cleaning and janitorial products, head to http://www.signet.net.au/spring.


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Steph Wilkin is based in Brisbane and working for Signet Australia as a Digital Marketing Coordinator.
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