Mailing your goods can be both secure and affordable

We have all had it happen to us. We have sent items through the post, and when they have arrived at their destination they are damaged and unusable. A report conducted by the Postal Industry Ombudsman in 2010 (available here) shows that 21.1% of complaints received by the post office during the financial year ending June 2009 were about items been damaged in transit. That is a staggering number, and it is generally down to inadequate protection for the shipping process.  To reduce the risk having your goods damaged in transit, here are a few tips and products to help you.

Some of the most commonly shipped items are:

  • CDs, video games and DVDs
  • Phones, computer parts and routers
  • Clothes and soft toys
  • Calenders, magazines and business documents

Well what should I do about it?

These items all have the same thing in common, they are small and light. They are very easy to send through the post due to their size, and the weight ensures it isn’t too costly to send them this way as well. As they are sent in the post though, they are liable to get damaged, as it is easy to give an item better protection when you are sending it in a box with bubble wrap and foam chips. There are, however, some very useful products out there that are designed to provide maximum protection whilst staying light and cost effective.

Jiffy Packaging Bags

Sending CDs, DVDs or Video games?

CDs, DVDs and Video games are all very light and small items that can be damaged very easily. The Jiffylite and Jiffy Mail-Lite mailers are both designed to provide maximum protection to these fragile items and are available in a range of sizes. They are both layered with Sealed Air bubble wrap, and provide excellent protection against the elements. The Jiffylite range comes in both CD and DVD sized mailers, and these are specifically designed for transporting these products.

What about clothes and softer items?

When sending softer items, the extra protection afforded by the bubble wrap isn’t necessary and so the Jiffy Shur Tuff durable mail bags are ideal for these products. Items such as clothes and soft toys are large and bulky, and these bags have a range of sizes up to the huge 60cm x 61cm bag and provide excellent waterproof protection as well as superb puncture and tear resistance.

To see all these products and start protecting your products today, you can visit

Gift Packaging Bag

Authors – James Neate & Damien Sharma

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