Ranpak – Paper Packaging For Sustainable Packaging Practices

Signet is dedicated to providing Signet customers with sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging products, as well as encouraging businesses to practice sustainable packaging practices. As a company, Signet strives to have a positive impact on the way Australian packaging businesses contribute to the environment by providing the best packaging products.

One way Signet is making a difference, is by giving customers new solutions to void filling and protecting their goods by selling products that are not only sustainable, but are also cost effective for them. The solution lies in the Ranpak range of machinery and packaging consumables with the aim to more sustainable packaging practices.

One of those ways lies in minimal storage solutions for users of packaging consumables, as opposed to other products available in the market for void filling and protection such as Mic-Pac, or plastic air bags. To put it into context, one pallet of the Ranpak FillPak is the equivalent to a truckload of plastic air bags. The minimised space also translates to lower emissions through reduced transporting costs.

Most alternatives are petroleum based plastic materials. These are qualities that are difficult to recycle and are not renewable. Environmental benefits of the Ranpak products extend to reduce environmental impacts towards the end of the packaging consumable use cycle, whereby the Ranpak products are 100% recyclable because they are made of paper. Ranpak can be recycled.

With growing demand for packaging Australia-wide and the increasing costs, Signet is committed to providing cost-effective solutions to customers whilst maintaining a strong environmental focus. All of these, coupled with competitive and above and beyond service makes Signet the right choice for packaging supplies and sustainable packaging solutions.

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Authors - Leo Blanco & Damien Sharma

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