Around the World with Signet – Asia & Europe Edition

So far this year the Signet tourguide has visited North America, South America, Africa and Antarctica. It’s time to buckle up again as we head to Asia and Europe.

Both countries have rich, vibrant cultures and offer memories to last a lifetime. Read on for information you’ll need to know for future travel, fun facts and helpful tips.

Don’t forget that Signet has you covered – any order placed between now and May 31st that is over $300ex GST could see you winning a $12,000 travel voucher! Head to to get into the draw.



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How To Organise Your Warehouse

Organised Warehouse

Warehouses are typically very busy with people and machines moving around, trucks driving past and goods being stacked on or pulled off shelves. This can be a dangerous environment if people are not operating within set standards and guidelines. Having an organised warehouse can provide many benefits to a company including enhanced safety, increased productivity and higher employee job satisfaction. Read on for a how-to guide towards achieving an organised warehouse:


One of the quickest and most effective ways of communicating with workers and visitors is through signs. You can warn people about potential dangers, give instructions with health and safety signs, encourage a clean and safe workplace with housekeeping signs, communicate mandatory procedures, clearly indicate the location of emergency supplies, and prevent accidents with warning or prohibition signs. You can also easily direct people with factory and site signs, fire safety signs, traffic signs and floor marking signs, or simply show people where the exits are.

If you can’t find a sign to fit your requirements, look into having it custom made. Signet has a range of industry templates, text and icons available.

Industrial Markers

Another ideal way to get organised or communicate is with marker pens. There are different types of inks, paints and pens available which are specifically designed to perform in outdoor or indoor environments. You can find permanent or temporary markers available which mark most surfaces or materials. These come in a range of colours to provide aesthetic appeal or to help with colour coding.


Storing stock and supplies correctly is an ideal way to simplify internal processes, reduce the potential for danger and accidents as well as increasing efficiency. This can be done through shelving that is easy to assemble or with a workbench which combines a work bench top and shelving. These solutions will keep stock off the ground which eliminates trip hazards, and ensures you will know where everything is after it has been put away.

Protective Wear

Protective wear works hard to protect you from dangers, hazards and from the environment around you. Conduct a regular audit of the condition of your protective wear to ensure it is performing as it should be. If you doubt the quality of your current stock it is always a good idea to replace it to ensure workers are kept safe when they need it most.


Last but certainly not least – stationery can make organisation abundantly easier with the ability to colour-code, file, record, highlight, scribe, stick, label, bind and tidy.

To get organising head to where you can find extensive product information and view the full range available.

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Follow Signet to Africa and Antarctica

Last month we told you how you can win a $12,000 travel voucher to head around the world and experience exciting places like North and South America. The competition is still going strong for the month of March, so make sure you place an order with Signet over $300ex GST to have a chance at winning!

This month our Signet travel guide is taking you to Africa and Antarctica. We had a lot of fun researching these destinations so we hope you enjoy the top tips and fun facts we’ve put together.


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Why Signet is the One-Stop-Shop For All of Your Packaging Needs


Why Signet is the one-stop-shop for all of your packaging needs

Signet is a leading distributor of a wide range of supplies for many industries, including packaging products. Our national company despatches products country wide, with a focus on being a one-stop-shop for any of your office, warehouse and worksite needs. We can even help around the home! Below are a few reasons why Signet is number one for packaging supplies.

In the warehouse
Packaging products are essential in a warehouse environment. Signet provides a wide range of tools and equipment for this industry, from cartons and tapes to stretch film and strapping. Everything is sourced from quality suppliers, with the added option of using Signet’s Own branded products, made with quality and affordability in mind. Whatever your business needs, Signet can help!

Posting packages
Sending products or presents is all about ensuring the item is safe and secure during transit. Signet has all the packaging products you need to give you peace of mind when sending something, whether it be a Birthday gift or something sold on eBay. With a variety of carton sizes and shapes, void fill and adhesives, posting packages is made easy with Signet.

Moving house or office
Moving to another home or office can be stressful and expensive. Signet has specific house moving and office moving packs perfect for the job, with a range of sizes to suit. This makes the job easier and saves you time and money so you can get on to more important things, like enjoying your new home or settling in to your new office.

If you would like to order some packaging products from Signet, call us on 13 74 46 or head online to get started. Whether you need cartons, strapping, stretch film or tape, we have everything you need in the warehouse, at home and in the office, so get ordering today!

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Relax, Signet’s Got You Covered

From February 1 until the end of May when you place an order with Signet over $300ex GST you will receive an entry in the draw to win a $12,000 travel voucher. You can order online with our intuitive product search, extended range, simple navigation and fast checkout – simply head to Alternatively you can speak to our  experienced customer service team on 13 7446 or by contacting us via email or fax.

To get you in the holiday mood, every month we will share our top tips and fun facts about different countries around the world. This month we’re looking at North & South America.



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Signet’s Handy Hints for Storage

Often our homes, offices and warehouses build up with clutter – finding ways to overcome this can be challenging. See below for five of Signet’s handy hints for storage and start decluttering your life today!

Storage Tips

Handy Hit # 1 – Safely storing and protecting your items

Have you ever had something fall off in transit or be damaged by unforseen weather? If this is the case then purchasing a variety of strapping and stretch films may be useful.

When palletising your items, strapping such as steel, polypropylene or polyester should be used in order to safely secure the load which eliminates the risk of damage. It may also be necessary to apply pallet wrapping to ensure that your products are protected from unforseen weather conditions, dust and dirt.

This handy hint can also extend to your smaller items by using bundling film.

 Handy Hit # 2 – Using labels to become more efficient

Have you ever stored something away only to find that you forgot to label it, then needed to rifle through endless boxes or drawers to locate it?  Then Signet’s labelling range may be exactly what you need.

When placing products in drawers, cupboards or boxes why not label it with one of the many plain labels Signet has to offer. This will allow for items to be found quickly within your office or warehouse.

Time poor? Then why not print your message with Signet’s custom label service. This allows you to simply peel off the pre-printed message and stick it to the item without any hassle.

 Handy Hit # 3 – Declutter the lunch room with a Nescafé Bar

Do you have coffee, sugar or Milo containers sitting on a bench in your lunch room taking up space? Then why not declutter your cafeteria with a Nescafé bar.

The Nescafe bar is the best solution to getting your coffee, sugar, Milo and styrofoam cups in one convenient location. This will not only allow for quick and easy drink preparation but it will also provide a hygienic and easy cleaning solution. An added benefit of this dispenser is that when your coffee, sugar or Milo is running low, all you need to do is refill and go.

 Handy Hit # 4 – Utilise shipping cartons and archive boxes for storing your office supplies

Are you looking for a way to organise your office without hassle? Then why not use an everyday warehouse item to start organising today.

Shipping cartons can be used for much more than just packaging your products for shipment or sale. Too often we rely on cupboards or bookcases to store items which can create a sense of clutter. Why not use Signet’s range of shipping cartons to safely secure your office supplies? This allows for your items to be stored easily and protects them from dust. Alternatively, the traditional archive boxes can keep your office supplies in a convenient manner.

Handy Hit # 5 – Storage protection at its finest

Needing to keep your products safe while in storage? Signet recommends purchasing bubble wrap and Mic-Pak as ways to cushion your goods against shock and vibration.

When items are packed into boxes and cartons for storage there is a common belief that protective padding isn’t required. Unfortunately even if the boxes aren’t moved (or accidentally tripped over!) while in storage, the contents can still get damaged through having incorrect weight distribution or the goods settling. We recommend using bubble wrap or a void fill product like Mic-Pak for efficient protection during storage.

With these five handy hints you can start decluttering your organisation today! Your items will be secured, protected and you will be operating within an efficient workplace. Signet is ready to help your organisation become experts in storage solutions. To view the range of products highlighted here as well as thousands of other products available, please visit our website

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Ideas that Stick

Specialty Tapes

Everyday uses for specialty tapes

Tape has come a long way from its traditional role as a quick-fix solution for packaging or binding. Today specialty tapes are replacing screws, rivets and other mechanical fasteners in the automotive, construction and aviation industries. But you may be surprised to learn that the same tapes can be used for some everyday solutions or even help add some creative flare around the home.

At Signet, we can always help hold your day together by using the right specialty tape!

There are different tapes for different tasks. But how do you choose? Check out this quick guide to choosing your specialty tape and the everyday solutions they can provide.

Transfer Tape

Transfer tapes provide an excellent, no mess alternative to gluing. They do exactly as their name suggests, ‘transfer’ a thin layer of adhesive to a surface which becomes double sided when the paper lining is peeled away.

A few common problems which can be solved with transfer tape include:

  • Mounting posters, photographs and presentation materials
  • Nameplate attachments
  • Securing object which are only required to be bonded temporarily

Double-Sided Foam Tape

Double-Sided tape provides high shear adhesive with high temperature resistance for long term bonding. This tape fills gaps on joining surfaces with a gentle cushioning effect whilst distributing stress evenly.

Try the following with double-sided tape:

  • Mounting heavy items such as soap dispensers and interior designs
  • Attaching battery powered LED lights to your bathroom ceilings above the mirror or bath tub
  • Light signage applications

VHB Tape

Very High Bond Tape or VHB has been labelled as the ultimate in tape bonding strength. It has been proven to perform in harsh environments and performs well on glass, plastics and vinyl as well as painted, sealed and porous surfaces.

Test VHB for:

  • Vibration and noise dampening
  • Mending damaged convertible tops
  • Roller blind assembly
  • Commercial Signage applications

Did you know? VHB tape has replaced metal fasteners on trains, buses and planes. It even holds the E-tag inside your car!

Get Inspired

Don’t restrict specialty tapes to just solving everyday issues. They can also add something new to your home or office.

Why not try using specialty tapes to decorate some everyday items such as:

  • Bringing new life to an old vase or jar with different cut outs
  • Decorating your own hand-made cards
  • Creating a 3D scrapbook or poster

Why not share the ways you use specialty tapes everyday?

To find out more product information on specialty tapes and to view our full range head to our website:

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Environmentally Friendly Packaging

Environmentally Friendly PackagingAlthough shipping a product or storing items is now a lot about the aesthetics of not only the product, but similarly what it is placed inside, many companies and individuals are also looking for eco-friendly alternatives. With millions of tonnes of waste every year, choosing green packaging and recycling products can make a significant difference, particularly in a large company. If you are looking at making the switch, there are many benefits to environmentally friendly recyclable packaging.

There are a number of key benefits to using packaging materials that are eco-friendly. For one, they are extremely adaptable. Due to the demand for green products, recyclable packaging now replaces many traditional alternatives, with a focus on creating innovative products that can be recycled both internally and when they are finally thrown out.

Many recyclable packaging products, such as cartons, are also able to be used for compost, easily breaking down without leaving any toxic waste. Unlike plastic or other artificial materials, natural products do not present health issues. The cartons can also be reused before being thrown out, with many eco-friendly designs more durable.

From a business perspective, the use of recyclable packaging will not only reduce costs in the long run, but can also increase sales. Gone are the days when businesses were judged solely on their products and services. Now, it is important to represent good ethics and a nice working environment. The use of eco-friendly products, particularly if you are shipping goods to the consumer, will improve your public image and can fuel your marketing plans.

If you are looking for environmentally friendly packaging or recyclable packaging, look no further than Signet. We have an extensive range of products that are eco-friendly and affordable. Head online to order today and add a little greenery to your business!

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Signet Will Ship to You – Australia Wide

Signet is the leading distributor of packaging supplies to warehouses, offices, schools, job sites, medical facilities and more. Read on to find out how Signet will ship to you – Australia wide.

About Signet

Signet is a leading manufacturer and supplier of packaging, safety and cleaning supplies with over 45 years of industry experience. We are dedicated to the service and supply of a range of industries including manufacturing, construction & mining, warehousing & distribution, education & sporting, retail & office, healthcare and agriculture & forestry.

As an Australian owned and operated company, Signet has despatch centres located in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Townsville, Mt Isa and Darwin. This means you can depend on your order being accurately delivered in full and on time, no matter where you’re located.

Signet ensures that all customers’ orders are always right. Each product is bar coded and scanned with the latest logistics technology to ensure an almost zero per cent chance of purchase error.

Signet is the national winner of the CSIA award for Best Customer Charter in 2013, and a state winner for Customer Service. These awards show that Signet consistently goes the extra mile for customers and keeps their best interests in mind within day-to-day business operations.

Free delivery and Same Day Despatch

For orders over $100ex GST, Signet offers free delivery within metro Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. Signet also has a “same day despatch” policy which means that any order placed before 2pm is despatched from your closest warehouse that afternoon.

Signet’s Satisfaction Guarantee

Signet’s works to ensure that customers are completely satisfied with any product they purchase from Signet. If you aren’t 100% satisfied, Signet offers to replace the product or give a full refund within 31 days.

Lowest Price – Guaranteed

At Signet we are committed to providing you with the best value in the market, so offer a 10% price beat guarantee. If you find a lower price than the one published in Your Buyers Guide we will beat that price by 10% even on our own brand products offered by other manufacturers.

When you are looking for packaging, cleaning and safety supplies, consider Signet to satisfy all of your needs – anytime and anywhere within Australia.

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Top 5 Must Have Items For Packaging

When it comes to packaging products for storage or transport, it is important to consider the environment around your goods. Whether it is a fast-paced despatch centre, dark and quiet warehouse or somewhere exposed to the elements, there are several packaging products that are essential. We have compiled a list of the Top 5 Must Have’s for packaging based on our experience, to ensure the safety of your goods until they reach the end of their journey. Read on to find out more:


Shipping cartons would be one of the most widely used items for packaging. They are available in a host of different shapes and sizes to be able to hold items of various dimensions.

Where possible, we recommend using a new box rather than a recycled box as reused cardboard often loses its ability to protect the contents and has suffered damage from prior uses (such as punctures, water damage and tape wearing). Another key consideration for using an appropriate carton is selecting a carton with the adequate weight limits/strength for your goods.

Bubble wraps

Bubble wrap offers protection from moisture and air, though is more well-known for protecting packages from vibrations and forceful impact. This is vital for packing fragile items or electronic gadgets.

Bubble wraps utilize a layer of small bumps filled with air which acts as a cushion. Certain bubble wraps also have anti-static properties to dissipate any static charges, which is useful for electronic gadgets and components.

Packaging tapes

Packaging tape is a vital aspect of packaging as it is used to seal cartons and hold items together. The key factor to consider with tapes is the adhesive type: rubber, synthetic rubber, water-based acrylic or solvent based acrylic. Each of these performs differently and so is suited for different environments and materials.

Packaging tape is most commonly available in clear or brown, though coloured tape is available in the solvent based acrylic. There are also different dimensions available to help with different applications.

Stretch films

Stretch films are primarily used to wrap a pallet in order to hold the load together, but are also useful for other reasons including: protection against air and moisture, and disguising the contents of a pallet.

With the latest technology available, stretch film can be highly specialised to ensure there is a high performing film for every application. A few options include: highly transparent wraps to scan barcodes through, stretchy & durable wraps, opaque security wraps, coloured wraps for colour-coding, degradable wraps and air flow pallet wrap.


Strapping is primarily used to secure an item to prevent it from moving during transportation. Large items including appliances, furniture, and industrial/office machinery require strapping to safely transport them.

Strapping is available in different materials to suit both user preference and applications. Steel strapping is commonly used when packaging large items such as machinery and furniture, while polyethylene strapping is mostly used for lighter items.

Signet is your one-stop shop for packaging supplies. For further information on these products or to place an order, head to

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