Packaging Supplies You Need For Your Office Prank

packaging pranks

Signet provides a large variety of packaging supplies ranging from cardboard boxes and packing tape to bubble wrap.  These products aren’t only ideal for safely and securely sending your packaging items but also playing mischievous and hilarious pranks on your co-workers.

The Desk Wrap

Signet’s range of pallet wrap not only provides secure water resistance and stability during transport and storage but the wrap also allows you to cover and prevent your co-worker from getting to their desk.

All this prank requires is a roll of Signet’s Own pallet wrap and an unsuspecting co-worker.  As they leave the office for lunch or the end of the day proceed to wrap the entirety of their desk with the pallet wrap.  Be sure to include their chair, any stationery or other equipment.    You also have the option of using Signet’s bundling film to wrap individual items on their desk.  This will ensure for a great surprise when they get back to the office.

Both Signet’s cast and blown wrap are   extra stretchy and easy to apply around your co-workers desk and work area.  You have the option between the simple to apply cast wrap which is silent and clear to show the damage you have just done to your co-workers desk, or the blown wrap which is cloudy and sticky to ensure that your co-worker cannot easily remove it.  In addition, the wraps are available in different thicknesses:

  • 17um
  • 20um
  • 23um
  • 25um

Thus, the strength and thickness of the wrap is your choice.

Cardboard Box Switch

Your co-workers stationery, office equipment and utensils come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but so does Signet’s cardboard boxes.  Even though Signet has an extensive range of cardboard boxes if there is a specific size that you are looking for Signet can custom make boxes to dimensions of your suiting.  These boxes are a great aid for a humorous and inconvenient prank for your co-worker.  Collect a range of different size boxes and stack your co-workers equipment inside of them.  Once packed place them around the office or workplace to create a clever game of hide and seek for them.

If you are feeling mischievous you can tape the boxes closed with Signet’s Own packaging tape.  If you are feeling extra cruel Signet’s Own heavy duty packaging tape is the product you are seeking to seal  the cardboard boxes with the essential office supplies inside.

Psychiatric Office

Have you ever pictured walking into the padded cell of a psychiatric hospital?  I’m sure your co-workers haven’t either.  Using Signet’s range of Polycell or Sealed air bubble wrap you can coat your co-workers office with a lightweight and protective layer.  When they walk back into their office they will be shocked to see their office engulfed in bubble wrap.  You can be assured that neither them nor any of their equipment will sustain any damage while coated in bubble cushions that protect from shock, vibration and stop contents from rattling around.

These are but a few examples of the great office pranks that can be done using Signet’s extensive range of packaging supplies.  For more information on Signet’s packaging supplies, head to the Signet website.

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Steph Wilkin is based in Brisbane and working for Signet Australia as a Digital Marketing Coordinator.
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