Packaging Supplies – It’s The Little Things

When packaging goods for storage or transport (or even organising your office/home space) it’s so easy to stop at cartons and tape – but it doesn’t stop there; it’s the little things that make life so much easier! How, you may ask? These little life-savers help with labeling cartons, attaching invoices, cards & letters, opening cartons or packages, cutting tape, marking cartons & indicating addresses to holding everything together!

If this sounds like a weight off your shoulders or that it might help shrink your to-do list, copy our shopping list below:


  • Sometimes known as “invoice enclosed slips” these are available as a clear slip, with “packing slip/invoice enclosed” text or custom printed text (Ideal if you would like your company logo or address displayed)
  • Very handy to attach documents to cartons
  • Water and tear resistant


  • An alternative to doculopes (if you wish to conceal the paperwork/information)
  • Available in plain or window face and in a range of sizes

Packing knives & cutters

  • These multi-use knives are available in different styles for user preference – this includes heavy duty blades, self retracting blades, snap blades, replaceable blades, and as a safety knife with a protective hook over the blade


  • General use labels are handy for mailing lists, account reminders, addresses or simple stock labeling
  • Suited to a variety of printers or can be hand-written

Marker pens

  • Choose from bullet point or chisel point in a range of colours (black, blue, red & green)
  • Permanent, water proof ink

Rubber bands

  • Seamless & long life natural rubber bands which are ideal for office, warehouse, workshop or shop application


  • Scales are vital for storage or transport to measure and record the weight of your goods
  • Digital scales available in different performance levels with varied capacities


  • Stampers make the paperwork of transporting a lot simpler, with a quick and easily understandable messages
  • Available in “date”, “faxed”, “paid” or “copy” messages

For more tips on packaging, have a look around on our blog (we recommend “Optimise Your Shipping – 4 Steps to Efficiently Pack Shipping Cartons” or “Put on some extra padding this holiday season”) or head to

Authors – Steph Hewish & Damien Sharma

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  1. Erma Butts says:

    Those are a lot of options. Thanks for sharing this information and individually defining each uses. :)

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