Out-of-the-Box Ideas to Suit Inside-the-Box items

You may think that there isn’t much to the humble shipping carton – just 4 sides with flaps to fold and tape down; but if you take a closer look you’ll find that there is a shape to suit just about every requirement! Whether you need something for long, awkward, round or cubic shaped items, or if you need something that you can adjust yourself, it’s all available at the click of a button. As Signet is a leading Australian packaging supplies specialist, we wanted to show you just how many choices are available to suit your every need (failing this, having custom cartons made is also a breeze).

  • Pallet cartons

All sizes of pallet cartons fit neatly together onto a standard pallet (note: it needs to be the 1 size used together)

  • Neat-Fit cartons

Smaller cartons can be secured together in a “neat-fit” carton (i.e. 2x size “A” fit into carton “B”, or 2x size “B” fit into size “C”)

  • Long cartons

These cartons have a large opening along one of the lengths for easy inserting and removing of items. This style is suitable for long or awkward-shaped products

  • Adjustable cartons

As you can tell by the name, these cartons can be adjusted to your required height. This is through score lines every 50mm on the carton starting from halfway up the carton

  • Square cartons

These cartons are ideal for shipping round, cubic or odd-shaped items

  • Tall cartons

An alternative to postal tubes, these cartons are great for long shaped products (such as paper rolls, posters etc.)

  • Flat cartons

This shape is ideal for narrow or slim products (e.g. albums, books, diaries, documents, plates etc.)

  • Printer cartons

These cartons are ideal for A4 sized paper, making them ideal for printers to store & send goods. As they are only intended for documents they have a maximum weight of 6kg

  • Removalist cartons

Another namesake carton; this style is versatile, strong and durable making them ideal for moving

  • Heavy duty cartons

These cartons are made with a double wall cardboard, meaning they can hold up to twice the weight of normal cartons

  • White shipping cartons

White cartons are made the same as standard shipping cartons, but have a white exterior for a more stylish appearance.

If you need to store or send something but need a different style or shape – fear not; we haven’t forgotten you. Postal tubes, mailing boxes or wraparound mailer boxes are also available to ensure you can find the storage or shipping solution you seek. If you still can’t find the right carton for you, custom-made is also available – you are able to request the dimensions, board grade, quantity, colour and any printing that you desire. For further information visit http://www.signet.net.auor email sales@signet.net.au

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