NEW: Bostitch Hammer Tacker – the easiest way to tack

The Bostitch hammer tacker is new to our range at Signet and is a revolution in tacking. The single motion application of the tacker and the jam free design ensures this device is quick and easy to use.

The Bostitch Hammer Tacker releases a 10mm heavy duty staple, which is perfect for cardboard cartons, soft timber boxes and pallets. The tacker features a non-slip rubber pad to ensure it remained securely in the user’s hands and assists for easy reload.

The tacker is perfect for applying builder’s film to framework, silt fencing to stakes, notices to walls and upholstery to wooden frames. The sturdy construction and design from this well know brand should ensure this tool remains in your tool box for years.

The only shortcoming we can see with this new product is that the motion needed to use the tacker might not be suited to tight spaces. For this type of application we would recommend using a traditional hand triggered tacker.

Authors – Aaron Wischusen & Damien Sharma

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