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We use packaging for many things, from storage and gifts to shipping off items and archiving documents. But before stuffing a box with items, it is important to understand how to pack the product in a way that will protect it and use the space efficiently. Below are just a few of our packaging tips and tricks to help you pack more efficiently in the office.

Invest in bubble wrap and newswrap paper

Whatever you are packing, you should line the bottom of your box to add cushioning, particularly if the box is being moved around a lot. Typically, a 5cm layer of newswrap paper will be sufficient. This should be repeated at the top of each box. Bubble wrap is suitable for more fragile items to prevent any damage or breakages.

Weight pyramid

A pyramid has the most weight at its base, getting smaller and lighter as it goes up to its point. It should be the same for packing. Place the heaviest item on the bottom and the lightest on the top.

Use the space effectively

Try to make sure every gap is filled. Put like items together and arrange the items so they fit together, if possible. If there are any gaps, fill this with Mic-Pac loose fill packaging to prevent any unnecessary movement.

Label your boxes

Whether they are going in storage or you are moving to a new office, it is important to label all of your cartons. Make sure you mark boxes with fragile items clearly and specify the items inside each box so anyone can identify the carton and its contents.

Stack carefully

When stacking items for storage, ensure you do not stack too high or make any box difficult to get at. Dependant on size, boxes can be stacked two to four cartons high and should be in a row for easy access.

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