It Will Be Sent to You in a Jiffy!

At one point or another, we’ve all had to send something in the mail that wasn’t quite right for a box or carton; so then came the stress about how on earth your goods will arrive in tact or safe from water damage. Thankfully Signet stock a wide range of packaging supplies including the highly popular Jiffy range of products. The team at Signet are confident they have the range to suit your needs and combined with any support you request from Signet’s customer service team, Signet will be able to help you find what you need; whether it is bubble wrap, durable plastic or recycled paper – Signet stock it!

Jiffy® Utility

The Utility range is designed to be a general purpose mailing bag which is ideal for non-fragile items. It provides secure protection for the contents with its durable Kraft outer paper layer, and is self sealing with a tear strip for convenient opening. This bag is also 100% recyclable, meaning it is perfect for those who are eco-conscious.

As this bag is made from tough paper, we wouldn’t recommend it for goods that have to be kept dry (unless you wrap the goods in plastic or bubble wrap before they are inserted into the bag).

 Jiffy® Shur-Tuff

The Shur Tuff bag is made from tough, durable plastic with superior tear and puncture resistance, making them the ideal solution for sending non-fragile items that need protection from water or moisture. The bag is specially designed with high strength welded seams to allow for overstuffing, and is completely opaque to ensure confidentiality. It is also fully recyclable for your convenience.


The Jiffylite® mailing bag is ideal if you need rigidity and cushioning as it is a bubble wrap cushioned bag with a tough Kraft paper exterior. The bag is designed with a smooth inner layer for easy insertion of goods and has self seal closure with an easy opening tear strip

 Jiffy® Mail-Lite

If you’re looking for a mailing bag that is cushioned, protective and waterproof, look no further than the Mail-Lite. It is designed with a plastic exterior and barrier bubble wrap interior, so it provides cushioning performance, and maximum moisture, tear and puncture resistance. The bag also has welded seams to provide strength and ensure the bag doesn’t split during transportation.

 Jiffy® Padded

Padded mailing bags are the perfect combination of protective and eco-friendly. The bag is a general purpose rigid mailer that is made from 100% recycled newspaper and provides excellent cushioning for its contents. It has double fold corners and a glued bottom flap, so the edges are dependable during shipping, and is fully recyclable once you’re finished with it.

As this bag is made from tough recycled paper, we wouldn’t suggest it for goods that need to be kept dry unless they are wrapped/ made waterproof before insertion.

 Jiffy® Gusseted Bags

Gusseted bags are the economical and all purpose option for your bulky non-fragile items that need protection without cushioning. It is made with heavy duty, double wall Kraft paper to provide the stiffness and protection from tearing and punctures. The sides of the bags are gusseted to allow expansion for bulky products (meaning its great for products like manchester, clothing, folders, soft goods etc.), while also having double fold corners and a glued bottom flap. This bag is also eco-friendly as it contains recycled content and is fully recyclable.

As a trusted supplier, Signet always has these bags in stock in addition to a wide range of other bags, boxes, tape and other packaging needs. To place an order or to get more information, head to

Author – Steph Wilkin

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