How to wrap a pallet

Once a pallet has been neatly packed (check out, wrapping it with stretch wrap is an effective method to secure the pallet and increase stability.

There are two main types of pallet wrap that are used to do this: blown film and cast film.

Blown Film:

  • Tear and puncture resistant
  • It is stretchable in both directions
  • Sticks to goods on the inside due to its high-tack nature
  • The stronger material of the two films

Cast Film:

  • Can be applied easily
  • Is silent during application
  • High clarity film, making it easy to scan barcodes through

Wrapping the pallet:

  • Begin by attaching the film to base of the pallet. Attach at an angle and wrap around a corner of the pallet
  • Secure the base of the pallet by wrapping film around the base twice
  • When circling the pallet it is recommended to keep the film about 250mm-300mm away from the pallet. This is so you’re not stretching the film against the pallet, but stretching the film and then applying it around the pallet
  • When progressing up the pallet, at least a 50% film overlap is recommended to add overall strength and stability to the load.
  • When at a corner, pull the wrap towards yourself to create tension and stretch the film. Maintain the tension and step around the corner. Once the corner has been rounded, release the tension and continue wrapping freely.
  • When completing the wrapping process, use extra pressure to wrap around the corner and push it downwards over the final corner to complete the process.

Common mistakes to avoid:

  • Loose cartons or products – This can make it difficult to wrap a pallet effectively and securely if cartons are moving around
  • ‘In-boarding’ – This is the term given to the practise of stacking in the centre of the pallet and not filling the base. More film is needed to secure the load, leading to an unnecessary waste. There is also the risk that the wrap may tear on the sharp corners of the pallet.

Following these simple guidelines can provide a company with improved pallet stability and reduced costs due to more effective use of wrapping films.


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