Different Packaging Tapes for Different Purposes

Signet offers a wide range of adhesive packaging tapes to ensure you can find the right tape for the job. Read on to find out more about the different types available.

Signet’s Own Packaging Tape
Signet’s Own brand of hand packaging tape has a strong and sturdy tensile strength so you only need to use just one strip to seal any carton or packages. Once applied, the tape offers a strong hold to keep cartons secured and fastened tight from storage to despatch and delivery. Unlike most adhesive packaging tapes, Signet’s packaging tape uses a rubber solvent adhesive which is ideal for most cardboard types.

Signet Hot Melt Tape
Signet’s hot melt tape uses a synthetic rubber adhesive with a polypropylene backingIt has a notable rate of adhesion with almost any cardboard types.

Signet’s Acrylic Tape
Signet’s acrylic tape is a high quality and low cost alternative to other adhesives. It provides standard levels of adhesion and is specially designed for cold environments due to its resistance to low temperatures.

Signet Strapping Tape
Signet strapping tape is used for the palletising and bundling of lightweight items. This strapping tape has a high impact strength and is made from a premium grade polypropylene. This means it has a significantly lower chance of splitting or breaking during transit inside and outside of the warehouse. Using a strapping tape on a pallet can provide adequate stability and doesn’t require any stretch film. It uses a premium grade polypropylene tape to provide an efficient amount of adhesive to most pallet surfaces.

When looking for the right adhesive tape for your packaging needs, Signet has the tape for you – always in stock, always in time and always the lowest price.

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Steph Wilkin is based in Brisbane and working for Signet Australia as a Digital Marketing Coordinator.
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