Cardboard Box Arcade

While many of us think of the humble shipping carton as an uninteresting part of storage and transportation, 9-year-old Caine Monroy has different ideas…

Caine spent his summer holidays building a games arcade out of different sized shipping cartons in his dad’s auto parts shop over in East Los Angeles. This arcade included classics like mini soccer and a claw machine as well as traditional arcade functions like ticket dispensers for each game (Caine manually feeds the tickets through a slot from inside the box), a prize wall and gift bags.

Working in the packaging industry, this got the team at Signet thinking – what other out-of-the-box ideas could we think of for recycling a shipping carton? Aside from our thoughts to make cardboard furniture and race cars, here are some other economical ideas:

1. Organise your home, office AND warehouse
Used shipping cartons make great storage containers and can be easily categorised for identification. As they are in all different shapes and sizes and completely stackable, you can retrieve things easily or put the boxes away until you need them.

2. Rubbish Bins
A used carton can make a great rubbish or chemical waste bin which can also be disposed of. By using a plastic liner for extra protection you can dispose of solids or liquids without leaving stains and spots on shelves or the floor.

3. Garden compost
As cardboard is biodegradable it can be left in the compost for a few months. This will turn it into a great addition to soil for gardens or lawns.

4. Pack, seal and send!
Used shipping cartons can come in handy this Christmas as they are ideal for sending presents to friends and family – the carton can be covered in festive wrapping paper, or can become good as new with some cover-all tan spray and packaging tape.

If all else fails and you yearn to make your own arcade or a party piñata, Signet is a great place to look for all your carton, tape and packaging supplies.

Games Arcade Made From Shipping Cartons

Authors – Steph Hewish & Damien Sharma

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