Comparing Poly-Woven Strapping & Steel Strapping

Polywoven vs Steel Strap

Strapping is used in a wide range of industries to secure products to pallets and vehicles, or to bundle products together. It is found in a variety of areas; most commonly in the warehousing, packaging and transport sectors. This blog is going to look at two popular types of strapping: poly-woven and steel, as each has its own benefits and understanding this can help you choose the right one for your application.



Lightweight and affordable, poly-woven strapping is often chosen as a safer and cheaper alternative to steel strapping. With no sharp edges to “snap back”, this style of strapping can help reduce workplace injuries and is easy to use, requiring fewer tools. The strapping can retain high tensions and be re-tensioned easily, as well as coiling together for ease of transport between work stations. Perfect for a wide range of situations, poly-woven strapping is one of the most popular options for a number of industries, including at home.


Tools available for this item: stand dispenser, tensioner, standard duty and heavy duty buckles.



Steel strapping is a popular choice for heavy duty use as it can secure many different loads efficiently, offering a durable and long lasting material that is ideal for long term or external storage. Zinc-coated steel strapping it is resistant to rust and will not warp, perfect for all weather conditions, while black steel strapping features smooth, rounded edges making it the safest steel strap to use. Both are strong and durable, often found on the worksite or in the warehouse.


Tools available for this item: dispenser, tensioner, crimper, cutter and snap on seals.


The choice between poly-woven and steel strapping is largely based on the job the strapping is required for –having the right product to the right application is essential. For more advice or to purchase strapping products, head to

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