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Packaging Makes Life Simpler

As a leading Australian packaging manufacturer and supplier, “packaging makes life simpler” is a mantra that we run our company by. For over 40 years Signet has been not only supplying high quality and low cost packaging products, but also using these products in the day-to-day running of our company. We think it’s only fair for us to share our packaging wisdom with you to show how packaging products can make your work life or personal life simpler.


Moving can be one of the most stressful experiences; whether you’re moving home, office or warehouse. There are so many factors to consider, tasks to remember, as well as jobs and people to organise. This is where packaging comes in to simplify different processes: cartons and tape to pack the goods, bubble wrap and void fill to protect breakable items, marker pens and labels to ensure each item or box is identifiable and packing knives to help unpack. Other things you might not think of include paper to make lists and record notes, and rubbish bins to dispose of items you don’t need, or to dispose of packaging supplies when you’re unpacking!


Efficiency and organisation are two key parts of storage. It’s all well and good to pack various items in multiple boxes, but if they’re stored incorrectly, not packed properly or unlabeled then things become difficult. There are several packaging solutions that will have you storing like a professional: different shape and board grade cartons, different packaging tape adhesives for different temperatures/environments, printed instruction labels and different coloured and sized markers. Scales can also be helpful for storage situations if you need to label how heavy a box or an individual item is.


Loading docks and warehouses are typically fast paced environments; trying to ensure that the right goods are being sent to the correct people or company and being packed onto the right truck. Without proper packaging supplies it is quite common for goods to get damaged while in the warehouse or during transit, lost in transit or sent to the wrong place. All of this can be easily fixed with packaging products like doculopes (also known as “invoice enclosed” slips), envelopes, despatch labels, pens and markers, rubber bands, scales, bubble wrap, void fill and pallet wrap. The best part is that these supplies don’t add extra time to your despatch, they are just dependable alternatives to processes you currently use.


Organisation can seem like a challenge without adequate supplies, but with a range of paper, pens, and labels available in different colours and rubber bands, paper clips, stamps, and envelopes; you’ll be organised and efficient before you know it! This can result in unlimited benefits for your work or personal life and essentially make your day easier.


Your package/box/pallet might be one of the first interactions an individual or company has with your business. They always say that you only get one chance to make a first impression, which is true of people and true of packaging! In addition to the standard packing products, there are packaging items which are designed for their aesthetic appeal. These items include white shipping cartons, mailing boxes, wraparound mailer boxes, clear or coloured tape (instead of brown), and printer labels which you can customise in-house. Custom packaging solutions also enhance your presentation (have a look below to find out why!). These items will clearly show your business as professional, efficient and like someone that people want to deal with.


Keeping a business top of mind is something that marketers and advertisers work tirelessly to achieve. Branding in today’s market can mean the difference between business success and failure which is why consistency, representation and quality are all important elements to remember. If branding is so important and you need to purchase packaging supplies anyway, why not combine them? Customising your packaging is beneficial for a few reasons: you can request your own sizing to suit your needs, you can choose the colours, text (such as promotional messages, company name and contact details) you can specifyplacement and you can add artwork. This can be helpful for promotions and advertising, or simply providing company contact details.

All in all, we think it’s pretty clear how packaging can make life simpler, but if you want more information, speak to our experts at sales@signet.net.au or order from www.signet.net.au.